2 Chainz Goes Full Meme In “Watch Out” Video [Music Video]

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Stiff arm! Yours truly bought one of the “Dabbin’ Santa” sweatshirts right before Christmas. And yes, I got to wear it on Christmas Day. Goofy Claus even dabbed with me in a picture that will live on forever. But that’s a different story.

2 Chainz blessed us with “Watch Out” at the end of 2015 and while it’s starting to pick up steam, he dropped the video. This feels like a vintage Ludacris video as it pulls from popular culture and is also outrageous at the same time. 2 Chainz puts his face on random people, including the “Why You Lyin'” guy and even President Obama. No one is safe from Tity Boi’s antics, even old people get in on the shenanigans in this video. Could we be seeing a 2 Chainz revival in 2016? Lord knows I hope so. WATCH OUT LIL BIH!

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