27fps – Alone Together [The Koalition Edition]

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Hey TK,

Carl Daniel here, you may remember me from reviews such as The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us: Remastered.

Over the past few months, me and my fellow Koalition writers Gary Swaby & Rameez Quadri have been quietly working on a fun music project which we’re now excited to share with you!

Released yesterday on 27fps.com as a 27 hour and 27 minute timed-exclusive, Alone Together is a 10 track album which features Whip Knockin’ Joints™ such as We Back (a song about being back), Good In The Hood (a song about being good in the hood) and I Hustle For (a song about things that I hustle for).

Although we rep TK to the death, these songs were kind of worked on and released independently, away from The Koalition’s umbrella and lucrative marketing budget.

So who are 27fps? Essentially, we are to music as Kristen Stewart is to acting. We aren’t good enough to win awards, but we’re just about hot enough to make you say “Hmm… I’d smash” or “Hmm… I’d listen to them” in our case.

If you’ve already checked out the album, you are awesome! but if you’ve been holding out for an enhanced KOALITION EDITION of Alone Together which features 6 awesome unreleased tracks that were originally intended to appear on the follow up to our Doritos N Mtn. Dew EP, I have have some oddly coincidental news for you;

Below you’ll find an enhanced KOALITION EDITION of Alone Together which features 5 (sorry it’s not 6) awesome unreleased tracks that were originally intended to appear on the follow up to our Doritos N Mtn. Dew EP. These songs include Instagram (a song about Instagram), Nintendo, Nintendo (a song about Nintendo) and Forgiveness (a song about never forgiving a certain ***** *** ************!)

But that’s not all!! Act now and you’ll also receive a FREE WWE NETWORK TRIAL which is the ONLY place to watch WWE Payback and nearly 5,000 hours of on-demand programming! (New subscribers only). Not interested in wrestling or Eva Marie? How about a free month of Tidal instead? No? Fine…


Remember to leave any positive feedback in the comments section below and direct any negativity towards Gary Swaby on Twitter.

Thank you for your time and I would like to give a huge shoutout to Edward V and Mr. Kennedy from The Koalition for helping to make this happen.

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