Evolve Free-to-Play PC Beta Starts Tomorrow

Dated first-person shooter goes free-to play on PC

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Earlier today, Turtle Rock Studios Co-Founders Chris Ashton and Phil Robb announced via a community blog post that their polarizing Evolve video game is going free-to-play on PC starting with a beta on July 7th. This new venture will allow the team to continue to support the game by testing out a new server infrastructure for maximum performance and changes across the board. Below is a quick overview of several key fixes that are coming to the game:

  • Reworked hunter classes to make the team less reliant on having experienced trappers and medics
  • Map and UI improvements
  • Improved load times, overall performance, and quicker entry into matches
  • Improved stability and fixed bugs
  • A reworked progression system and tutorials
  • The addition of more customization options

Players who already purchased the original game on PC will be given Founder status on the new version and have immediate access to any DLC content that they own. There is currently no word on if this beta will ever be available to console owners.

I had the opportunity to review Evolve when it launched way back in February of 2015. While the concept seemed fun at first, the lack of content definitely made the title underwhelming. If this game started out as a free-to-play title, this certainly would have received a much more positive reaction from both gamers and critics alike. It will be interesting to see if this move works now as I’m certain many stopped playing this game shortly after launch.

Are any of you planning on downloading Evolve for free on PC tomorrow? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios Blog

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