Games of Our Lives — 1.5.16 | Kojima to Be Inducted in Hall of Fame; 20 PS4 Exclusives in 2016; More News!

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/// EPISODE 138

Below are the news stories that may not have made the headlines today but are worth reading!

Gamers never die…..

Just like the Games of Our Lives…


►Pocket Mortys
►EA Sports UFC 2
►Shenmue 3
►A Boy and His Blob
►Rise of the Tomb Raider
►Triad Wars

/// Rick and Morty Game ‘Pocket Mortys’ Releasing January 14 for Mobile!

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/// EA Sports UFC 2 Arrives March 15!

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/// Hideo Kojima to be Inducted into DICE Hall of Fame; Guillermo del Toro will Present Award!

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences is thrilled to induct Hideo Kojima, world-renowned game creator and auteur, as the 21st member to its Hall of Fame. Kojima is recognized for the best-selling Metal Gear series, widely considered the father of the stealth game genre, and credited with innovating story-telling and cinematic presentation in video games at large. The Metal Gear Solid series has received numerous D.I.C.E. Awards nominations throughout the years.

The 2015 Hall of Fame Award will be presented to Kojima during the 19th D.I.C.E. Awards ceremony on Thursday, February 18, 2016, at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas by film director, screenwriter, producer and novelist Guillermo del Toro.

“Hideo Kojima’s career-defining works have shaped much of how the video game industry approaches cinematic storytelling and player engagement,” said Martin Rae, president, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. “As one of the most well-loved and well-respected designers of our time, it is a great honor for the Academy to induct him into our Hall of Fame. Hideo is a game creator whose eyes have always looked towards the future, and we look forward to his thoughts on the D.I.C.E. Summit stage.”

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/// PayPal Backers of Shenmue 3 to Miss Out on Kickstarter-Exclusive Rewards!

According to an update on the game’s Kickstarter page, the results of the poll held last year asking whether or not Kickstarter Exclusive Rewards should be made available for PayPal backers were the determining factor.

“Considering the strong response from those of you who felt that the Exclusive Rewards should remain exclusive for the Kickstarter, those Exclusive Rewards will not be made available on the PayPal page as originally promised,” the developer said.

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/// A Boy and His Blob Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC & PS Vita on January 19!

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/// FF XIII’s Lightning to appear in Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2016 collection!

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/// Rise of the Tomb Raider for PC launches January 28!

Following Rise of the Tomb Raider’s highly successful release exclusively for Xbox One and Xbox 360, Square Enix today announced that the game will be available for Windows 10 and Steam on January 28, 2016.

The PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider will be available as a digital download via Steam, the Windows Store, Amazon, the Square Enix e-store and other major retailers – both in-store and online. Standard edition pricing is $59.99. The Digital Deluxe edition is $89.99 and includes a Season Pass to nearly all current and future DLC.

A Collector’s Edition, which includes the Digital Deluxe version of the game, a 12-inch Lara Croft statue, replicas of Lara’s journal and jade necklace, and a steel case, will also be available from the Square Enix e-store for $149.99.

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/// Sleeping Dogs Spin-off Triad Wars shuts down!

Triad Wars, which was announced back in 2014 as a spiritual successor to Sleeping Dogs, will soon be no more. The game was pitched as an online, free-to-play shooter set in the game’s original universe, where players of rival gangs build their empires and compete against one another.

The game was in closed beta since early last year, and it looks like most of us will never get to play it, as developer United Front announced it’s shutting the beta down on January 20. | Source

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/// Sony Promises to Extend PS Plus and PS Now Subs After Last Night’s Outage!

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/// Bombshell ‘Old Friends’ Trailer!

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/// Sony Lists 20 PS4 “Exclusives”
Set for 2016 Release!

First-Party Exclusives

►Horizon: Zero Dawn
►Uncharted 4
►The Last Guardian
►Gran Turismo Sport
►Gravity Rush 2
►Ratchet and Clank *
►The Tomorrow Children **
►Drawn to Death**

Console or Timed Exclusives

►Street Fighter 5
►What Remains of Edith Finch
►Shadow of the Beast
►Nier Automata
►The Witness
►No Man’s Sky

* Developed by third-party studio Insomniac. IP owned by Sony.
** Co-developed by Sony Worldwide Studios and third-party partners.
*** Beta only

/// You’ve Now Reached the End of Games of Our Lives

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