Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Now Available on PS4

Time to cry.

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Today, both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls join PlayStation 4. Both games can be purchased separately for $29.99 or are available as a bundle for $39.99.

Although it has been years since Heavy Rain’s release, its significance remains. Winning countless awards for its gaming innovation, Heavy Rain is one of the most emotionally telling, cinematic titles of all time. According to PlayStation blog:

“We have focused on improving the graphical fidelity of Heavy Rain on PS4, including increased resolution, shadow mapping, improved reflections, and improved lighting on scenes and objects.”

Beyond: Two Souls may not be as successful as Heavy Rain, but one cannot deny that its new availability certainly adds to the PlayStation 4’s limited cinematically-based gaming library. According to PlayStation blog:

“If you have purchased Beyond: Two Souls for PS4, you can purchase Heavy Rain at a discount on PS Store – which we think is a fantastic value!”

Check both out on PlayStation 4 today!

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