Here Are Some of the Best XCOM 2 Mods Out There

Let's spice it up a bit, eh?

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It’s been a less than a month since XCOM 2  was released, and players all over the globe have been glued to their monitors ever since. Luckily for us, XCOM 2 launched with Steam’s easy-to-use modding system: Steam Workshop.

Since the game’s initial release, a fair amount of mods have been uploaded. These modifications not only improve gameplay, but add some slick cosmetic designs to the game as well.

Xcom 2 Mods
Free Camera Rotation

For whatever reason, XCOM 2 didn’t release with camera rotation. Since the game has had a rocky launch, this mod comes in handy when the camera becomes faulty. A different perspective can drastically change a nail-biting turn.

No Startup Movies

PC games can sometimes have long intro movies. This mod cuts most of them so players can get to slaughtering aliens double-time.

More Squad Size Upgrades

XCOM 2 limits the number of squad members you can take into a mission. This mod enables the ability to bring in eight squad members. It may, however, decrease the overall difficulty.

Stop Wasting My Time

The title says it all. The prolonged turns in XCOM 2 quickly become tiresome. The pauses in between turns are unnecessary, and this mod removes that issue.

Avatar Project

The Avatar project can make XCOM 2  stressful. This mod extends the time before the aliens finish their world ending project.

Evac All

Tabbing through your squadmates to individually evac them from drop zones is tedious. Evac All grants you the ability to get your people out of a hot spot with a single command.

Xcom 2 Mods
Here are some of the best cosmetic mods currently on Steam Workshop:

Star Wars Helmets

Most of the helmets in XCOM 2 can look dorky. A talented modder created some of the best helmets from the Star Wars universe. Now you can create your own Boba Fett!

Sonic Character Parts

Because nothing is better than running around with a laser gun as Sonic the Hedgehog. Gotta go fast

Mass Effect Armor & Camo Pack

The Mass Effect style gels well with the squadmates in XCOM 2. Now you can give your soldiers the N7 emblem nerds proudly display.

Capnbubs Accessories Pack

The most ambitious cosmetic mod currently on the workshop. These high-quality masks are on the level of official DLC.  

The Steam Workshop for XCOM 2 already has over 1,000 mods currently available. The game has only been out for three weeks, and plenty of mods are accessible to keep the game fresh after finishing the campaign.

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