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Hitman Episode 5: Colorado Preview – Learning to Love the Patience of Stealth

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For the record, I hate episodic content. I hate having to wait months for new maps. Quite frankly, I have no patience and I’m stubborn. However, this has changed thanks to the latest Hitman game… which just so happens to be episodic. I started playing Hitman Episode 1 and threw a fit as I waited for Episode 2. But all the while I was hypnotized. While I was acting like a petulant child, those months apart gave the developers time to enhance each episode, allowing for a richer gaming experience where each episode is worthy of your time and energy. Episode 5 is intense, which brings me back to me having no patience. Patience is needed, it’s a virtue and all that inspirational jazz.

As always, disguises are going to be your bestie in this installment because there are people to blend in with. Somehow, everyone knows you don’t belong and grimacing stares are the only facial responses you’ll have the pleasure of entertaining. However, if you’re a rebel, there is the beauty of stealth which I found quite pleasurable despite my hatred for patience. But again, patience is what you’ll need because this game and its clever A.I hates you — especially the gun-carrying chef. Thankfully, the game is forgiving and allows you retry missions until you’ve completely mastered them. This lets players relax and allows them to learn from mistakes and try different tactics.

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Unlike the previous installments, Hitman Episode 5: Colorado’s various maps can go from Justin Timberlake to Everybody Hurts without warning. While I truly appreciated the various maps and missions that take place in upscale hotels, galas and bathrooms, Colorado‘s militarist shooter leanings didn’t sit well with me. This was the least cohesive of the episodic series and wasn’t as inspired as some of the other entries. Surrounded by old warehouses, rural landscapes and never-ending armed guards that would make El Chapo proud; I truly felt isolated, cold, abandoned and unloved.

While the traps you can set are creative, it felt derivative of other games. Also, there’s only so many sheds that can be painted “Suicidal Brown.” It also appears that some of the A.I. lost brain cells. Everyone seemed to be stuck together as if they’re all tied to the same American Horror Story cursed fate. However, they did hold interesting and fun conversations, so this is a plus if your goal in life is it be a nosy neighbor.

Overall, Hitman Episode 5 is fun, sexy, yet frustrating. It’s far from perfect but there is still enough solid material that makes up for any shortcomings. I spent hours simply enjoying my failed attempts at espionage (like pretending to be a scarecrow or model) and discovering the power of balloons. I sucked at all the missions but I learned from my mistakes and sucked less. Hitman Episode 5 provides hours of entertainment even with its flaws. It’s a great addition to the series.

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