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How to Play GTA V & Not Drop Out of University

Gaming without jeopardizing your education.

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There are many different reasons as to why a student might drop out of their course of choice. Some students might have very demanding jobs in order to pay off their tuition fees. Some just simply do not enjoy the university experience. Another aspect of student life which may lead to one to lose focus on their studies and drop out of university is spending too much time on recreational activities such as gaming – or Grand Theft Auto V to be more exact.

It may be tempting to many that play immersive games like GTA V to just skip that “one class” or do some studying “tomorrow”. In the long run, this will hamper their chances of leading a successful life and discover new horizons. Playing computer games is not a complete disaster of an idea if you are a student, however it can still end up being an addiction.

If you are a student that may be spending too much time on gaming, learning how to combine your real life along with your devotion to GTA V is a must. Here we will provide some advice to help you become pretty successful in studies but yet still be involved in what you love to do.

Manage your time wisely.

Set some clear rules for yourself and then follow them. You are an adult and having some time restrictions and limits is important because otherwise, you could not only drop out of university, but you could also lose all of your friends and connections in the process.

Set aside a reasonable amount of time for GTA V. For example, an hour and a half or two hours is enough time to spend with Michael, Trevor and Franklin to tear up Los Santos. Set an alarm on your phone if you have to.

Work now and play later.

Complete your assignments and prepare for your tests! In order to do this, make a strict rule: GTA V is not allowed until you have completed all of your assignments. Regiment yourself and never break your own promises. This piece of advice is absolutely vital and can also help you become a success in your future endeavors.

Learn how to level up more efficiently.

If your main reason for playing GTA V is to level up on GTA Online, then there are loads of tricks and tutorials on this issue:

  • Join a gang or create your very own.
  • Commit crimes and evade the long arm of the law.
  • Master the art of skydiving. It is best to complete these alone and always go through all of the checkpoints. For each jump you will get additional RP.
  • Be sure to complete all the available jobs. It really goes without saying that this is a great way to boost RP.
  • Get plenty of racing in your activity plan. In contrast to the sport games in GTA V, you gain RP even if you don’t achieve victory.
  • Read forums where players exchange their experiences and use it to complete your levels faster. This way, you can learn certain shortcuts to missions that will save you time in the long run.
  • Sign up to Rockstar’s newsletter. This is where you can find all of the information on Rockstar’s latest GTA Online offers and boosts. Some missions and tasks have weekend-long boosts. If you manage your time wisely and are determined enough, you can really take advantage of a certain RP boost or price deduction on cars and weapons.
  • Glitch your way to the top. If you do not care about the feeling and satisfaction achieving something through hard work and skill, then there are always the RP glitch tutorials on YouTube. That’s if Rockstar hasn’t patched them.

Think outside the box.

If you have some of expendable income and do not mind ponying up for an essay that you are really struggling with, then online college papers are always an option. This method allows you to achieve the grades that you need whilst still saving time in your day to boot up GTA V and complete that mission you have also been toiling with.

It is important to remember that playing GTA V can be good for you if you lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. The beauty of a game such as GTA V is that it allows you to blow off some steam which might have built up after long days spent at lectures or at the library. It is a game that can also be played with your brain switched off which is important to keep your sanity during a time such as university.

If you apply this advice along with your own will power, then good grades at your university and success in Los Santos are both very achievable. Otherwise your stay at university may end up like Franklin’s time at the Vanilla Unicorn when he gets overly-familiar with the employees.

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