Kendrick Lamar Gets Fans To Perform “Alright” For The Grammy’s

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The Grammy’s are just a couple weeks away and I can’t wait to watch them. Actually, let me rephrase: I can’t wait to roast all the bad performances and looks with you on Twitter that night. Monday, February 15th can’t come soon enough.

This video is inspiring. We see Compton from the aerial shot at the beginning before we’re introduced to its citizens. They’re women, men, and kids who all have one mission: give us Kendrick’s “Alright” song with their own emotion and feelings. The video progresses through the first verse and then we see Kendrick at the end, surrounded by his people in Compton as they do the song together. I really hope this dude wins a Grammy this year because even though I was crucified on Knights of the Turntable for “calling it trash” because people don’t watch or listen to things anymore, To Pimp A Butterfly is an amazing body of work and deserves to be recognized.

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