PS4.5 Codenamed NEO, Specs Reveal Improved CPU & GPU — Report

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There have been several rumors and reports over the last couple of months that Sony is working on an upgraded PlayStation 4. The press have been calling it the PlayStation 4.5 and 4K, however, multiple sources have told Giant Bomb internally it is codenamed “NEO”.

Digital Foundry has confirmed the details, stating that Sony is openly sharing specs with developers and they’ve seen the documentation detailing what’s different between PS4 and PS4.5. Here’s what you can expect from the new PS4 model’s CPU, GPU, and memory:


The sources claimed that starting in October, every PlayStation 4 game must run on current PlayStation 4 consoles and feature a NEO Mod” that works only on the new console.

By running PS4 games in NEO Mode, developers will be able to use the extra memory and hardware upgrades to offer higher and more stable frame-rates, improved graphics fidelity, and additional graphics features when players are using a 1080p TV. Sony also documents that games in NEO Mode must meet or exceed the frame-rate of the game on the original PS4 model.

There will be no NEO only games and users will not be separated while playing games online through PSN.  However, if a game can have four player local co-op on the original PlayStation 4, the NEO can support eight player local co-op.


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