The Kindred Preview – Specialized Simplicity

Peaceful complexity.

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Kindred: by definition, it means “one’s family or relations”. Although the passion behind such bond would make for a compelling story, that is not what The Kindred is primarily concerned with. Rather, the game focuses on what is derivative of such a kinship — specialization, intelligence, and hard work — all for the benefit of non-self fulfilling, mutual gains.

Placed in a minecraft-esque environment, with far better use of lighting and textures, players are able to craft, farm, harvest, and carry out all the tasks that would ensure the viability of your kindred folk. Different kindreds will excel at different tasks; whether that be harvesting, gathering, hunting, building or harnessing their intelligence.

In a genre that has seen many close substitutes, The Kindred finds a way to stand on its own. With a simplistically stylized, yet seemingly complex art style and a “separate but together” system, I found myself filled with enthusiasm for this player catered and incredibly ambitious early-access game.

The Kindred
Although this title is still in its development stages, the communication and engagement from The Kindred team, is what makes investing in this adventure, a worthy effort. By addressing community issues, the development team has enhanced numerous in-game dilemmas. Since its initial release, we have seen updates in AI, menu functionality and countless other crucial in-game elements.

For those that enjoy building, farming, specialization, delegation, and other life-building simulation attributes, The Kindred will make for an enjoyable experience. As the development team works through different issues day by day, this title will only gain further momentum, challenging the misconception of being “just another minecraft game”.

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