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Dauntless Hands-On Preview – Beasts of the Gaming Wild

At first glance, Dauntless is a simple co-op, action RPG where you chase down monsters. However, to judge this game at first glance is something only the unwise would do. Unfortunately, I’m part of the unwise crowd.

I’m trying to run, but for some reason, my hands and brain just aren’t connecting and my warrior’s strides are looking more like discombobulated jogs. I was behind the pack, so far behind the other players had to set off flares just so I could find them, but that didn’t matter, what mattered was the massive Pangar behemoth covered in armor. He would be no match for me. I was a slayer, hear me slaughter!.. once I figure out how to run…

I am on a floating island that’s simply breathtaking. Lush landscapes are untouched by modern society as they give way to vast grasslands, swept up in colors reminiscent of a National Geographic Magazine. Despite this beauty, I mustn’t lose focus. I may suck at figuring out how to run, but at least I can find the beast at the end of the flare.

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As I approached the scene, I weigh my options, one does not simply charge into battle (especially someone who still hasn’t mastered how to run). This beast of the southern or northern wilds requires careful planning just to strike down its armor. As I try to adjust my chair (why must furniture be my downfall?), I attack from behind and plunge my sword into its tail. It laughs at my attempts and squashes me in a matter of seconds.

I could feel the stares of my teammates glaring at me in silent judgment as they come to revive my squashed, possibly dead soul. Despite my embarrassment, I was on a mission to make this behemoth my bitch. Its armor was tough but not unbreakable, it required heavy slashing from my sword and the ability to roll out the way. Another plus? This beast was quick but there was a pattern to its movements.

My equipment, a sword, was light and my movements were quick. I could stab and slash with ease but it didn’t pack much damage. I would have to attack for as long as possible and move just as fast out of its way. I snuck behind it once again and went ballistic with my hacking and slashing. In my mind, I was the greatest warrior that’s ever lived. In reality, I looked like was having a seizure. The behemoth who at first laughed at me was now becoming angry but its armor began to fall away.

He attacked but I dodged. With angry eyes, we stared each other down. It was then I decided to make my move. I swung my sword, teasing him with every move. He glared at me, swinging his tail with revenge. I ducked, never losing track of his movements. I close in on him and decide to make my move as my other teammates try to wear him down. I closed my eyes, breathed, and charged as I swung my sword with all my might. My eyes met his, he knew this was the end. I charged. Through a series of button mashing, I somehow started running and aimed for his head. I swung the sword for the final time ready to crush his head. Instead, he swung around with his tail and I watched my character fly across the screen to instant death.

Dauntless “Sharpen You Skills” update is a pure delight that’s made for both hardcore and casual gamers. Filled with crisp designs and sharp gameplay, it features various locations (like Frostfall coming this holiday) with their own set of uniquely designed behemoths and weather conditions. As you lay waste to your kill, you’ll have the ability to craft powerful weapons and obtain special gear that’ll help with the success of your battle. The War Pike is an entirely new weapon, that helps player hack-and-slash their way to success while the two new behemoths: Skarn and Kharabak prove to be the game’s most threatening menace.

While I was not the most successful player on my team (I proudly earned my E grade), the more I played, the better I did. These creatures are fierce and annoying to fight. Basic moves or random attacks are fruitless. Instead, the team and I had to fight as one during each battle. I was able to prepare and educate myself about which weapons and tactics worked best for the slaughter, no matter if I was playing by myself or with others.

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Currently in early access, Dauntless will be free-to-play for PC in 2018.

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