Get Your Funny On – An Interview with Angie Tribeca’s Executive Producer Ira Ungerleider

"Finally! A show about cops!"

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Season 3 of the hilarious police procedural sendup Angie Tribeca is in full swing at TBS. Inspired by the Airplane! and The Naked Gun films, it manages to balance pure ridiculousness and crazy plot lines with deadpan acting delivered by an all-star cast lead by Rashida Jones.

Executive Producer and writer Ira Ungerleider has the complex task of balancing it all. His first rule is that no one can laugh, which can prove rather difficult when you’re sharing a scene with a ventriloquist and monkey. However, according to Ungerleider, he treats each script like an episode of The Wire, where everything has to be taken seriously no matter how many props are used in a gag.

The Koalition had an opportunity to interview Ungerleider about the formula to creating a great spoof and how he convinces A-List actors to act so silly.

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