Hideki Kamiya Responds To Scalebound Cancellation News

Mental health wasn't the cause for game's cancellation

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Earlier today, Scalebound Director Hideki Kamiya responded to the game’s cancellation through an intriguing series of tweets. The highly anticipated action role-playing game was said to be in development hell for quite awhile and Kamiya supposedly took time off due to the overwhelming mental stress he endured during the project. Below is his official statement which not only addresses the cancellation but also the false claims of him taking time off.

This lengthy statement by Kamiya confirms that stress wasn’t the cause for the game being canceled. Microsoft still hasn’t given any concrete details on what happen and most likely won’t since they have already removed the game’s existence from their website and YouTube channel.

Do any of you have further thoughts on what happened with Scalebound? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Hideki Kamiya’s Twitter

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