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It’s All Brotherly Love – An Interview with Marvel’s Luke Cage Actor Erik LaRay Harvey

Erik LaRay Harvey has stared in countless successful TV shows from Law & Order to Boardwalk Empire but it wasn’t until his 2016 performance in Marvel’s Luke Cage that viewers everywhere started to take notice.

Half-brother to Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, he is the definition of a man unhinged. Slick, cruel, conniving, full of hate and abandonment, he’s been a pain in Cage’s ass from the very being.

However, it wasn’t until his time in prison that Diamondback’s relationship with Cage take a turn for the worst. Determined to bring Cage to his knees, his trigger-happy pain (with a dash of psychopathic ways) combined with his armor crafting intelligence made our superhero (and his skin) truly vulnerable.

The Koalition spoke with Harvey about taking on the role, that “infamous final scene,” and what he would like to see in season two (which started filming two days ago).

Check out our interview below.