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Living the Dream – An Interview with Michael Nathanson from Marvel’s The Punisher

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As an actor, it isn’t every day that a role is perfect for you. So perfect that you wonder if the writers were spying in your life. For Michael Nathanson, that role came in Netflix Marvel’s The Punisher.

Nathanson embodies the role of Sam Stein, a disillusioned Department of Homeland Security agent who is challenged by his partnership with Dinah Madani (portrayed Amber Rose Revah). Together they track down a string of murders in the area. Wondering if they’re all connected, they follow the trail that leads down a rabbit hole of dark secrets; murder and a possible cover-up that no one could see coming.

Nathanson is sarcastic, slightly angry and memorable in every scene he’s in. As his story progresses, the audience will watch him transform from a man with a lackadaisical attitude to a man on a mission.

The Koalition had an opportunity to speak with Nathanson about the role that was the ultimate dream come true for his career and as a die-hard fan of The Punisher comics.

Check our interview below.

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