Me, Myself & I Pilot Review – Life Comes At You Fast, No Matter Your Age

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When Bobby Moynihan announced his retirement from Saturday Night Live, I cringed in fear. I was fearful this was the last of his career, that he would go off into the sunset of forgotten movies and a mediocre life of stand-up at some rundown comedy club. I, however, did not expect for him to star in one of the must-watch TV shows of 2017.

CBS’ Me, Myself & I is a magical creation where the right actors meet a script filled with characters that they were born to play. Moynihan plays Alex Riley, an inventor and divorcee who is stagnant in his career and personal life. At the age of 40, he lives in his best friend’s basement (played by Jaleel White) and shares custody of his daughter who is now moving away because his ex-wife is getting remarried. His inventions insult more than improve life, and he doesn’t see a way out of his funk. There’s an air of sadness to his life that silently cries out for guidance.

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But how did life get this way and how does he snap out the same rut so many people have faced? We know that Alex is talented, we know he succeeds and goes on to have a prosperous life and career, but we don’t know how. That’s the genius and selling point of the show. It follows Alex through 50 years of his life, bouncing between his life at ages 14, 40 and 65; where each stage represents life-changing moments.

The year is 1991 and Jack Dylan Grazer plays Alex Riley at age 14. As a budding inventor, he is loved and encouraged by his family to pursue his dreams as being the world’s biggest inventor. He is filled with hope and promise and is ready to solve life’s problems. However, he has just met the love of his life, who can either make or break his school experience — forever impacting his outlook on life and love.

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In the year of 2045, a soup and salad combo is $79.99 and Alex is now a highly-successful inventor (overcoming his uncertainty at age 41) and at 65 years old, he’s fresh out of the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Played by the infectious John Larroquette, Alex welcomes retirement and the uncertainty that comes with this new unknown. His daughter, now a talented adult, is there to support him like she has in the past. While he’s walking away from everything he’s created, he’s accepting the new life and adventures that await him with the same sense of adventure Alex showcased at age 11 and 41.

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Me, Myself and I is about the connection to your past in order to work towards the future. By spanning 50 years, it shows us how life is defined not by our obstacles, but how we decide to deal with those obstacles. It’s within these moments, when we feel at our lowest, we have the chance to be our best selves. Corny? Yes, but would you rather the other alternative?

While it is a comedy, it tells a universal story that is bound to touch the lives of all its viewers. Each actor embodies the role of Alex; seamlessly blending their acting abilities into one character. The show never feels awkward or uneven. Each scene and line delivered feels authentic. It’s easy to get lost in their performances. Fresh, funny and charming, the writers have created a show that is so easy to fall in love with. I can’t wait to see how the writers and actors will continue to capture my heart.

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