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Monster Hunter: World Hands-On Preview – Make It Last Forever

What would you consider a perfect day? For some, it’s a long weekend with nothing to do but eat, sleep and watch TV. Finding a $100 bill on an empty sidewalk? Maybe time with loved ones? For me, it was screaming orders into a mic with a pack of the sweaty questionably showered men at this years NYCC while hunting and killing a crapload of sexy vicious monsters. I was a slayer, hear me slaughter!

While I breathed in toxic NYCC body odor for over twenty minutes, I stood in pure bliss deep in the depths of Monster Hunter: World. The outside world and smell of death was stripped away and replaced by the vast jungles, beautiful creatures from another time and beasts of the southern or northern wilds. I could smell the allergies coming as I plunged my sword into the finest of herbs, carefully and maybe too slowly (I couldn’t find my teammates) tracking down my kill.

Guided by my expert tracking skills I’ve acquired by watching Jurassic Park throughout the years (I relied HEAVILY on the game’s built-in tracking device) I followed footsteps and sniffed poop (I just followed the game’s glowing green lights) until I was lead to the beasts.

My equipment was too heavy, my sword was too big and I was pretty sure this T-Rex inspired beast was laughing at me. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, so I did what I knew best; I went balls-to-the-walls hack-crazy. I was slicing and dicing, carving and marching with fierceness; but then I saw my teammates had already killed the beasts on the other side of a river. I, however successfully managed to slaughter a bush.

Being the wonderful hot mess that I was, I decided to actually focus on the mechanism of the game before going all Brave Heart. Walking into a tent at the beginning of the demo, I picked equipment that didn’t weigh me down. My previous weapon was far too heavy and actually caused me to drag it across the ground. I could feel the weight of regrets every time I fought. I quickly acquired something lighter and sprinted my way through the lands in search of beasts.

As I got closer to a river, I was greeted by a large Anjanath. Unlike the previous demo, I would take my time and observe my environment. This wonderful world is more than cosmetic, it can be used to my advantage. Weather effects, time cycles, creatures and various characters work together to create a world that feels immersive and breathtaking. Working together as a team (I actually caught up to my team this time), the three other players and I strategized our attack, using our environment to plan attacks (something the game encourages). As we carefully approached our kill, this world gave us hints as to find hidden locations and perfect hiding spots to help us (me). In this moment, Team Smelly R Us and I became one, as we shouted and took each other’s orders. Watch out Team Seal 6, we’re coming for you.

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Monster Hunter: World is a gift from the gaming heavens, made for both fans of the original and people who don’t know a Y button from a “y” text message. Expanding on the original, World features Anjanath and my favorite Rathalos, an angry flying fire-breathing dragon who cries will stun you as he whips you with his spiked tail. These creatures are fierce and annoying to fight. Basic moves or random attacks are fruitless. Instead, the team and I had to fight as one, but even with our weapons, we were no match for the beast as he grew bored with us and plotted his escape into the forest.

However, we would not be defeated and gave it our all as we swung our weapons, shooting and stabbing until he met his demise. Unlike the original, World features improved controls that make gameplay effortless. I was able to duck and dive, almost throwing myself on the ground as I swung my weapon around. I felt and looked like a pro…or at least someone who’s no longer embarrassed to play with a team.

Our victory was succulent and pure.

Monster Hunter: World will release on January 26th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Are any of you looking forward to the game? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.