Run, Escape From the Horror of RuneScape’s Halloween Events Spooktacular

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Darkness falls across the land of Gielinor in both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape from today, as players of the two MMORPGs experience the horror unleashed in their Halloween events.
In Ghost Stories of Gielinor, RuneScape players will discover and play through pages of spooky tales across the game world and compile them into the Ghastly Grimoire; meanwhile, in Old School RuneScape, can players overcome and survive Jonas, a hockey-mask-like-wearing-killer stalking Gielinor?
Written by RuneScape developers and players, the tales featured in Ghost Stories of Gielinor take participants on a journey of terror, beginning with a meeting with a mysterious figure known as ‘Closure’. Those brave enough to collect and experience the tales first hand will bring them together into a great tome, as well as unlock a new cosmetic item to remember this year’s Halloween by: The headless rider outfit.
Old School RuneScape’s event was teased on Friday the 13th this month, where a masked individual was first spotted across the game’s free-to-play areas – but now the stakes have been raised, and the spectre of Jonas is on a deadly hunt for victims. Successful participants will receive the mask worn by Jonas, while players can also turn their character’s skin a lovely shade of ‘Zombie Blue’.
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