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Send Us Your Questions For Tony Polanco | #AskTK

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It’s time to get the chief of Throwdown, Tony Polanco, to sit in the hot seat and answer all questions. Tony is someone I respect because he’s not afraid to say how he truly feels. He’s honest in an unapologetic way. So now’s your chance to take advantage of the content machine that is Tony Polanco and ask him anything related to video games, the gaming industry and his personal experiences with gaming and entertainment in general.

Send in your questions using the form below and Tony will get through as many of the questions as possible when recording the episode.

– Each person should send a maximum of 2 questions. Please keep in mind that if there are too many questions from everyone then it’s likely we will pick just the best questions from each person.
– Questions that are considered to be inappropriate won’t make the cut
– You may ask personal questions, but only if they relate to games, the industry or entertainment in some way

Fill out my online form.

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