5 Ways To Earn Money By Playing Online Games

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Everyone wants to make money online somehow. One of the main ways to do this is by playing online games of course. This doesn’t just mean gambling either. From betting on online games, to testing and creating videos around games, here are five ways to earn money by playing online games.

Play Online Casinos

Online casinos are one of the best ways to make money through online games. There are thousands of online casinos out there, with potentially millions of games. Whether you want to play online slots, online blackjack, online poker, or something in-between, there are plenty of choices for everyone. There are even specialized websites like USA Online Casino offering casino bonus codes to increase your chances of winning. These bonus codes give you extra money to play with or allow you to play games for free, increasing your chances of walking away with a good prize. Just be careful, however, as restrictions are placed on these bonuses. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions.

Bet on E-Sports

The world of e-sports is continuing to expand. What started out as a small hobby enjoyed by a few hundred people has become a recognized sport. There are now many e-sports tournaments held around the world for games such as DOTA, League of Legends, and other games. You might not be able to play these games at a tournament level yourself, but you can still bet on them as if they were regular sports tournaments. If you’re the kind of person who bets on the world cup or the Super Bowl, then you should also bet on an e-sports tournament. Watch a few tournaments to get an idea of the scene and which teams and games are worth betting on. Treat it like gambling on regular sports and you’ll be making profits before you know it.

Play E-Sports Tournaments

While betting on e-sports is something that people who can’t play the e-sports themselves can do, there’s always the opportunity to play in the tournaments yourself if you have the power to. It takes a lot of skill to play at the tournament level. One of the reasons e-sports aren’t taken too seriously is because the only way to understand this is to actually do it. Even so, it’s perfectly possible to train and practice and get to that level, as is the case with any other sport. Some tournaments have pretty high payouts, but the skill level is high. Start out small, work your way up, and find a good team to join.

Become a Game Tester

Do you enjoy playing video games? Would you love to get paid for it? One of the easiest ways to do that is to become a game tester. Game testers are needed to ensure that games work smoothly. They try out games before they are released. Being a game tester is one of the dreams of anyone who loves to play games; getting to play them early and make them better. Perform a few online searches to find games to test and get paid for your time. There was a time where you would need to be in an office to be a game tester, but those days are long passed. Now you can receive, test, and offer feedback on games electronically through the internet.

Create Video Guides/Tutorials for Video Games

As enjoyable as playing video games is, not everyone is good at them. People turn to the internet when they get stuck at games. YouTube is filled with video tutorials and guides for games. Now you have the chance to make some of your own. It’s not difficult to do either. All you need is some knowledge of games and a way to record your gameplay and your voice. Just turn your game on, load up your software, and record yourself playing the game while describing what you’re doing. Video guides are better than written ones because players get to see the action unfold before them. Make your own guides and publish them on YouTube and watch as the ad revenue rolls in. Don’t forget to promote your channel and interact with fans though! It takes work to maintain a YouTube channel so keep this in mind.


There are plenty of ways to make money by playing online games. Which method is right for you depends on how much effort you’re willing to put in and your own skill level with games. Play them if you can, or bet on them if you can’t.

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