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A Classically Fun Racing Game with a Christmas Twist

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If you’re in the mood for a racing game with a more seasonal feel, we’ve found the game for you. The classic racing game Moto X3M that has quickly become a favorite amongst gamers has released its newest addition to the series: the winter edition. This game offers new challenges, new levels, and new, never before seen obstacles. This fun game offers fun challenging game play with a great seasonal theme.

Quality Racing Game
If you have yet to play a Moto X3M game, you should give it a try. These games offer an actual challenge to the racing game, something not typically offered in a free online game. The new winter edition, available here, offers new, harder obstacles to provide you with challenging game play. It’s so hard to find a free online racing game that isn’t so basic that it’s beyond boring. Moto X3M 4 offers a quality constructed game that offers fun new challenges and new layouts so you can mix it up.

Actually Offers a Challenge
Most racing games that are free online seem to be made for kids. It’s nearly impossible to find one that isn’t too easy and actually offers a challenge. Moto X3M has slightly more complex controls and interesting obstacles to keep you on your toes with interesting game play. Not only do you control your avatar going forward or backward on the track, but you also have to find the right balance for certain jumps and spins. Beyond that, you have to pay attention, no matter how fast it’s going, to be sure you slow down when it’s necessary; otherwise, you could wind up having to start the level over.

Moto X3M Winter Screen

It’ll Help You Get in the Christmas Spirit

This particular edition of the game is winter and holiday themed, complete with snowmen, decorated Christmas trees, and tracks that are red-and-white-striped like candy canes. This game is sure to fill you with the Christmas spirit. So many holiday-themed and seasonal games seem overly simplistic and lame. They often come off as a dumbed down version of what could have been a fun game, but they tried too hard to make it accessible for everyone. Not Moto X3M; this game is easy enough to figure it out that most anyone can play it, but challenging enough not to bore the more advanced gamers.

Play with Friends
Despite the fact that this game is a single-player game, there are ways you can make it a fun challenge for you and your friends to play together. You could see how high of a level you can get to and try to get further than each other. You could also compete to see who can beat each level the fastest. Even though this game is a single-player game, you could still enjoy it with your friends and find a way to challenge each other.

A Welcome Addition to the Moto X3M Series

The fourth installment in the series, Moto X3M 4: Winter Edition, is everything gamers want in a continuation of their favorite game. So often, later editions of games they love just get worse and worse with each edition. That’s not the case with the Moto X3M games; they get better and better each time and this one is no exception. You won’t be sorry that you gave this game a shot.

It’s so rare that you can find a fun and challenging game for free online, especially when it’s a racing game you’re after. The newest edition to the Moto 3XM series is not only fun, but it also is sure to get you ready for the winter season. This addition to the series got fun and difficult new obstacles, new seasonal backgrounds, and challenging new level layouts. It still has all the things you loved about the previous game but with some great new additions. You’ll be loving the wintery fun before you know it.

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