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Many people that are obsessed with games aren’t usually open to “changes” or “challenges”. They prefer to stick to a certain type of game or just to one single game. At this point, I want to invite all gamers to take part in a very cool challenge. I challenge you to try something new and entertaining that will expand your collection of played games.

If you are part of the gaming world, then you’ve probably heard of casino games. These were the CS: GO or the GTA V of the older generation. A long time ago, rich people used to travel miles to play in a casino. Today you don’t need to move from your comfortable home, you can find online casinos!

What’s good about them? Places like Gametwist Online work with virtual money only. They have official licenses and also, some cool games. A real gamer should always try something new so why not try slot games? They’re fun, they’re entertaining and most importantly, they’re something new!

Of course, Gametwist features also other types of games such as card games, table games, and Live games. Live games were created for the people who want to “feel” that casino type of sentiment when they are playing a game, so if you want to play poker but also want to feel like you’re in a real casino, then better choose the Live version. You will automatically be connected to a real dealer and you will play poker with real people.

And if you thought that’s all, then going back to the slot games, you can find different themes in these games. Book of Ra for example, features a very popular theme which is Ancient Egypt. However, if you are curious how this game works, then I invite you to play it along with other games found on this platform.

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