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Recovering From A Disaster: An Interview with Iron Fist’s Showrunner Raven Metzner

It was the shock felt around the world when Marvel announced the second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist on Netflix. A show about as enjoyable as ABC’s Marvel’s Inhumans, it was riddled with a litany of issues from bad writing to deadpan acting to “Crouching Tiger, Disrespectful Dragon” fight scenes, a majority of Marvel fans were left disheartened.

However, in July 2017 when Marvel announced Raven Metzner as its new showrunner, there was a glimmer of hope. Writer/producer of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow and the best damn show no one appreciated aka ABC’s Six Degrees, there was the smallest of hope and slightest feeling of relief the second season was in promising hands.

On September 7th, the world was introduced to a fresher, polished, coherent version of Iron Fist, showcasing the brilliance of Alice Eve (Typhoid Mary), the power of Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wigg), and the birth of Danny Rand (Finn Jones) not a s superhero but as a man with no powers.

Creating more depth, passion and love for these characters was in its essence a love story for Metzner who spent his time as fan before being handed the keys to the sworn enemy of The Hand.

The Koalition spoke with Metzner to learn how this season came together, gain insight on that cliffhanger finale, the dedication to handling a character with a mental disorder and possible season 3 plans (if Metzner returns).

Check out the interview below.