ZombsRoyale.io: A Review of a Real-Time Multiplayer Massacre

Lovin’ some zombies? Then this is not your game. Sure, ZombsRoyale.io sounds like there would be hordes of ravenous undead vying for their chance to rip you from limb to limb, but that’s not the case here. This is a battle game; one where, instead of corpses, it’s fellow gamers that plan on massacring your character. It is slaughter or be slaughtered, with weapons that you find on the ground, quick wits, and quicker trigger fingers.

  • Cool weapons that help you rack up an epic kill count? CHECK.
  • Log in methods that save your high scores for bragging rights? CHECK.
  • Multiple modes that amp up the fun with both in-game and real-life pals? CHECK.
  • A constantly updated, upgraded map that keeps you on your toes? CHECK.

This game has everything you would need for a rousing good time in real time, amidst a world of real, bloodthirsty gamers. Pick your start point, rush for a weapon, and participate in the relentless, senseless violence that makes Zombs Royale a blast to play.

Log In—Log On—Get to the Annihilation

There are two ways to play ZombsRoyale.io. You can either go guest with no saves to your progress. Or, you can create your own username. One that strikes fear when it pops up on the screen after an epic kill. It can be email-based, or you can log in via Google or Facebook to use those accounts for your Zombs Royale gameplay.

That said, there are dozens of perks to logging in and logging on. When you log in with a custom username, your progress is saved, with documentation of your highest scores and best kill counts. Over time, these scores and kill counts could earn you level-up and free prizes, like higher-grade weapons that give you bigger, better firepower to decimate your competition.

Other log-in perks include:
✓ Daily challenges. The challenges are chosen by the developers, and they vary based on their moods. Are they feeling a little sadistic today? Then your challenges might have a difficult focus, like a massacre of 30 people before you have to reload your weapon.
✓ Or, if they are feeling generous, the challenge is simple, like finding a specific gun, blowing someone up with a grenade, or surviving to be one of the top 40. Complete the challenges and you will be rewarded with level-ups, extra points, or free prizes, like extra ammo, boxed loot, or short-term improved accuracy.
✓ You can share your ZombsRoyale.io progress, for bragging rights, on your social media accounts. This is also a great way to invite your buddies to play too. Then it becomes a full-out competition that translates to the real world.
✓ When your friends sign up, there are 2 more options for gameplay: duo and squad. The duo is, of course, 2 gamers, while the squad consists of 4. You all become a team, killing together as you patrol the map as a single, unstoppable unit. Whatever you earn, they earn—and vice versa. Or, if you prefer competitive rivalry, declare war and strive to slaughter each other in record time.

Logging in gives you a boatload of benefits—but, if you just want to try out ZombsRoyale.io first to see if you like it, then it’s understandable that you would want to gameplay as a guest. Either way you want to play, you can try your hand at this game on Poki.

ZombsRoyale.io Weapons Info:

  • Beginner Boxing Gloves.
  • These boxing gloves are your first weapons when you enter the game. You are color-coded either blue, red, or beige, and the gloves are effective for close-combat melees. At least some of the time. They might buy you a little leeway while you find a better weapon, but you should get something better asap. Those gloves aren’t bulletproof.

  • Close to Mid-Range Guns and Grenades
  • These are your average weapons; the ones that you can find anywhere, regardless of what your level is. These might include a pistol, shotgun, or short-distance rifle, plus some basic grenades that you can find in a loot box of ammo. Each one has average firepower, but you want to strive for something better if you can find it.

  • Long-Distance, High-Power Guns
  • These guns are high-powered and often come with higher level-ups. You might gain access to mini machine guns, sniper rifles, and other long-distance weapons that allow you to aim and kill from far enough back that your opponent’s weapons have no effect if they return firepower.

The Simple Controls, Biggest Objective, and DIY Missions

ZombsRoyale.io has one of the simplest control interfaces for a battle game, but even the simplest controls can be challenging to master when you have a hundred other gamers trying to blow your brains out.

— WASD or the arrow keys on your keyboard will move your character forwards, backwards, and side to side.

— E on your keyboard open doors, picks up your items, like ammo and weapons, and pops open the arsenal boxes that passing airplanes drop.

— The mouse navigates your character and controls your aim, while the right-button shoots or throws melee punches.

The biggest objective to ZombsRoyale.io is to survive. You have to be the last one standing amidst a sea of bodies. Okay—not really, but you DO have to be the last one alive to be crowned the best of the best. That said, while the objective is simple enough, the execution of that objective is super-hard. From the moment you come into the fray, your opponents are on your tail, hellbent on your, and each other’s, destruction. Ergo, survival requires ruthless butchery, lots of strategy, and a little good luck.

Need other objectives to strive for? ZombsRoyale.io is the kind of game where you can DIY your own missions and set your own personal goals. It doesn’t have to be written anywhere for you to be compulsive about hunting down people with red boxing gloves, opening ALL the ammo boxes, or collecting a slew of high-grade weapons. You could even aim higher, like making it your mission to level-up at least once every single time you play. It takes a while, sure, but it’s doable if you have the time to waste and the boredom to bust.