An American Psycho – An Interview with Mr. Robot’s Ashlie Atkinson

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It’s not everyday you find yourself both fascinated and terrified by a perky psychopath but Janice from Mr. Robot will leave you with haunting mixed emotions.

An incredible talent and massive fan of the show, actress Ashlie Atkinson had to embody a woman who was harmless on the outside but an actual heartless killer within. Armed with her sweet voice and charm, she made the audience feel comforted by her awkward kindness…until it was too late.

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Working hard on this role, Atkinson was able to balance a character’s hidden agenda, the love of all things dead with the perfect inflection of her voice (that often changes depending on the mood).

While it’s hard to truly crack Janice’s veneer, despite her closeness to Dominique ‘Dom’ DiPierro (played by Grace Gummer) as Whiterose’s henchwoman, Janice just may have a soft side.

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The Koalition spoke to Atkinson about her role as Janice, the taxidermist (which Atkinson actually studied for the role) who is always one step ahead of the others, the importance of the Dark Army and more. 

Mr. Robot airs on the USA Network Sundays at 10/9c.

Check out our interview as we learn more about Mr. Robot.

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