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Welcome to the Old House: An Interview With Control’s Courtney Hope and Sam Lake

One year ago, Remedy Entertainment’s Control splashed into the E3 scene with incredible mystery and delight . While much was not known about the game, this comes from the same minds of Max Payne, Alan Awake and Quantum Break; all games that featured award-winning narrative, breathtaking graphics and a focused clear linear path.

This time around, Remedy wants to give the players…control. In this highly anticipated entry, players will navigate the world without the developers guiding the way. This time, it’s up to the players to figure out how the game works, where to explore and how to carry out the task at hand.

So what is Control? For that answer, The Koalition spoke to director Sam Lake (Max Payne series, Alan Wake) and Control’s lead voice actress, Courtney Hope (Quantum Break, Star Wars: The Old Republic) who describes the game as a “supernatural third person action adventure” with a deep sandbox gameplay that pushes the physics and dynamic destruction of the environments to its limit. Plus it has a boatload of telekinesis, levitation and a variety of powers to unlocked and upgrade.

“Control represents a new exciting chapter for us, it redefines what a Remedy game is. It shows off our unique ability to build compelling worlds while providing a new player-driven way to experience them,” said Mikael Kasurinen, the game’s director.”  A key focus for Remedy has been to provide more agency through gameplay and allow our audience to experience the story of the world at their own pace.”

In simple terms Control is about the Federal Bureau of Control, a secretive government agency with headquarters in Manhattan called The Oldest House. The bureau studies the “unexplained phenomenon,” how to contain these forces or how to these forces to the agency’s advantage. As an unfortunate side effect (for the players), the building itself constantly transforms by adding new doorways, staircases, hallways and more; creating a place with endless possibilities…and dimensions.

The mysteriousness doesn’t stop there. This is where we meet Jessie Faden, whose life was forever changed after an encounter with supernatural forces as a child. Constantly searching for answers about that day, her journey leads her to the door of The Old House, which is invaded by a violent natural force called the Hiss. Left to her own devices, Jesse has to fight to survive.

Control will be available on August 27th for PS4, Xbox One & PC (digital only).

Check out our full interview with Lake and Hope below to learn more about Control.

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