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Creating Black Excellence – A Little Conversation with Director Tina Gordon

Director Tina Gordon is a legend in the making. Creating such hit movies as  PeeplesATL, and Drumline.  In 2019, she saw even more success when she co-wrote the scripts to the comedies What Men Want and Little. 

The beauty about Gordon’s movie is her ability to showcase African-Americans in diverse ways, which is especially true in she protagonists who are all strong women trying to navigate the world, trying to build their success and relationships in an environment mainly occupied by men.

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Little follows highly successful tech mogul Jordan Sanders (Regina Hall), who lives the glamorous life, but is a nightmare boss with a management style that sends people running. One morning, Jordan wakes up and finds that she’s suddenly trapped in the awkward 13-year-old version of herself (played to perfection by Marsai Martin, who also came up with the idea and executive produced the film), and she realizes that she must rely on her long-suffering assistant April (Issa Rae) until she can figure out how to return to her adult self.

With past projects including DrumlinePeeples, and ATL Gordon Chism has been telling stories displaying Black people in diverse ways for years. In this film, she displays the protagonist Ali, played by Taraji P. Henson, in a light that makes her relatable to all women in corporate spaces mainly occupied by men.

Little is currently available on digital and you can also bring the Little Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack home on July 9th.

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The Koalition spoke to Gordon about her extensive career, balancing writing and producing, her writing process, how she stayed funny, her upcoming projects and more.