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Esports Tycoon Simulator: Yes, There’s Actually an esports Simulator

I used to be one of those ignorant people who downplayed the potential of esports. That was until I fell in love with the Overwatch League, and now I fully understand the appeal of watching and being in the esports industry. But I have to be real with myself and understand that I’ll never have the time or skill necessary to make it in esports, nor am I wealthy enough to buy my own team. Thankfully, U-Play Online is making it possible for me to start and maintain my very own esports team; and it’s all via their latest Tycoon simulator, Esports Life Tycoon.

Esports Tycoon Simulator allows players to hire the best players, train them and turn them into global superstars. You’ll manage and maintain their daily lives, making sure they’re in a position to reach their full potential. You can customize every detail of your esports team, from their crest, to the team kits. You’ll be in charge of hiring chefs, psychologists coaches and marketing managers that will aid in the success of your team. And on top of all that, you’ll be able to witness them performing when it comes to competing in the big arenas.

It’s the game that let’s you simulate the art of playing games for a living. And as absurd as that sounds, I badly want to play it. If I manage to get hold of it, look out for a review from yours truly.

esports tycoon screenshot

If you have further interest in these quirky simulators, be sure to also look up YouTuber’s Life from the same studio. This game allows you to follow the progression of a YouTuber starting out in their parents home.

Esports Tycoon Simulator is available for Early Access on Steam. In the UK it’s priced £11.99, but currently there is a 20% off discount, making it £9.11. The game is published by Raiser Games and developed by U-Play Online.

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