MegaFans Launching Its New Mobile eSports Platform

MegaFans, one of the world’s most popular mobile gaming platforms with a full name of Mobile eSports Gaming Fanatics, has recently announced the launch of its first-ever Mobile eSports Engine that introduces online tournaments to the smartphone industry.

The world of eSports is already very popular among avid gamers. All the competitive games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and many more have been integrated into this environment where professional and amateur players come together and face each other.

The eSports tournaments are so popular that one of the Australian colleges, Chrisholm Catholic College has even decided to take eSports into their curriculum. As the official comments suggest, the college officials recognize the popularity of this platform among their students and want to offer them a comfortable environment. In this program, they can further develop their skills and become professional gamers as a result.

So, this skill-based and hard-core gaming platform is evidently on the rise. That’s why MegaFans decided to release its own eSports platform where both Free to Play (FTP) and Pay to Play (PTP) are available.

The platform or more specifically, its test version, is available on both iOS and Android ecosystems on MegaFan’s puzzle game, Candy Boo Tournament Edition. Everyone that has reached their legal age can enjoy this game and choose both FTP and PTP options.

CEO of MegaFans, Jeffrey Donnelley, has talked about the importance of the new platform for their company. As he puts it, the MegaFans’ teams have extensively researched the several-dozen-billion-dollar market and come up with their “strategic approach” to addressing the monetization issues of the eSports games.

As already mentioned, the platform is confined in just one particular puzzle game. However, once the imperfections are corrected and the program proves successful, MegaFans is planning to issue a load of other games with eSports tournament options built into them.

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