The Sandbox: Your Complete Guide

When you think of entering a sandbox, you might have memories of being a kid, jumping into a big box filled with toys, and fine grains for you to create your own structures and stories.  That little kid inside doesn’t have to grow up, especially when you consider the number of gaming opportunities that exist nowadays. But now, with the ever-growing rise of online gaming and collaborative efforts, you can enter a digital sandbox, make your own stories, levels and invite other people to play. And you can earn while you’re doing it. How? On The Sandbox, of course.

Gaming on the blockchain

Not only have we seen a rise in online gaming becoming the new norm, but the integration of cryptocurrency is becoming an even bigger thing. In fact, cryptocurrency is now so big it’s the crux of what The Sandbox really is, and is also helping to revolutionize online games. The Sandbox is a virtual world that allows you to build and own our gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain while using its own cryptocurrency, SAND, to make it all happen.

If you’ve already played online games that allow you to create your own environment and feature blocky-designed characters (come on, you know what we’re talking about), then you’re in good hands for getting to grips with The Sandbox. The difference here is that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the in-game currency, SAND, are used to give you greater control of what you create.

In fact, unlike some games which still maintain control over anything you create, it’s completely different here. As it’s decentralized and on the blockchain, what you create, you own. This means not only can you conjure up levels and your own worlds, but you can also trade virtual goods and charge other players to undertake any challenges you set out. It’s ground-breaking stuff, combining real-time online gaming with the monetization of content.

Feel the SAND beneath your feet

Or in your virtual wallet. SAND is essential to the whole playing experience, so obviously it deserves a big section here in our guide to The Sandbox. It’s an ERC-20 utility token that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain and is used for all in-game transactions.  In fact, it’s used for everything. You use SAND to play games, access other players’ levels or challenges (and you can even be rewarded with more SAND for completing them). You also use it to buy or sell equipment for your avatar or sell things within the marketplace.

But what makes it even more unique is that you can use it to buy your own prime piece of virtual real estate. Aptly named LAND, you can use SAND to buy this – the more you have, the more weight you’ve got within The Sandbox metaverse and more possibilities.

You can also use SAND to help influence the game itself. As it acts as a governance token, you can vote on key elements and have your say on the platform’s roadmap. Online gaming is already known for its sense of community and collaboration, but this is even more so with The Sandbox, giving you the chance to really be part of something.

You are also able to stake your SAND, which in turn will let you generate passive revenue on your LANDS. Simply put some aside and then let your virtual bank balance build up. Underpinning all of this is the Foundation. It’s funded over 15 game projects, given grants to artists to create NFTs, and gives players the chance to make an impact within the game.

The tools to make it happen

It’s not daunting to get stuck into The Sandbox. In fact, the developers have made it easy for you to become your own creator with its integrated products. That includes Voxedit, a 3D modeling tool that lets you create people, animals, and tools. The Marketplace is exactly what it says it is. You can upload and sell your ASSETS. Then there’s the Game Maker, which lets you use your created ASSETS on your LAND. It also lets you add the ‘game’ element to your LAND, so what might have started out as a nice piece of visual furniture can turn into a playground as you create a gaming experience for others to enjoy. And for you to earn SAND from.

The Sandbox gives you the chance to enjoy experiences and share your own. But as it’s built on the blockchain, there’s the added element of earning from it, too. And with new changes, enhancements, and opportunities for you to be part of the future of the game, there’s always something to enjoy.