Analyzing the Newest and Most Exciting Game Developers of the Last Five Years

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As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the approaches of up-and-coming game developers also need to change. Given the sector’s vastness, it’s arguably more troublesome than ever before for new creators to establish themselves. That said, several have triumphed over the last five years, and now they’re creating quite a buzz in the gaming market. Because of that, let’s look at several promising game developers from the past five years. 

Who’s Showing Signs of Promise? 

Since coming to fruition back in 2018, Monster Squad has made an impression on the gaming world. Originally, the company operated as Runic Games, although The Escapist reports that the production studio shut down in 2017. Following Monster Squad’s creation, several developers from the pre-existing organization switched to the Seattle-based business. Fascinatingly, the three-year-old studio has a connection to highly-rated titles, with team members previously working on games in both the Borderlands and Torchlight series. Although they’re yet to release their first title, the newly-formed studio are undoubtedly showing promise. According to The Escapist’s above article, the studio will focus on co-op games, which are becoming an increasingly popular genre within the 21st century.

Regarding Indie creations, Extremely Okay Games have flourished since being founded in March 2019. At the time of writing, the Canadian-based developer has already recorded over one million sales across their most successful games, Celeste and TowerFall. After hitting the shelves in January 2018, Celeste has captivated audiences across various consoles. The story-driven platformer sees players guide the protagonist, Madeline, to the top of Celeste Mountain in a quest to tackle her inner demons. Designed by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry, the title has thus far been well-received, winning the Audience Award at the Independent Games Festival Awards in 2018.   

Fresh Approaches Beyond Mainstream Gaming 

Fascinatingly, it isn’t only console-focused entertainment markets that are seeing an emergence of new providers. Cloud Gaming, for example, has thrust the gaming industry into an on-demand era, and its existence has been the catalyst behind new developers coming to the forefront. Along with Google, Microsoft, and Sony seeking to explore wireless gaming opportunities, NVIDIA has also sought to do the same. Interestingly, GeForce Now adopts a bonus-offering approach, in which players can enjoy over 70 free games without having to make a single purchase.

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A Bright Future for New Developers? 

Irrespective of the volume of new providers that are emerging, many of them are not only surviving but also thriving. Although the gaming industry is undeniably competitive, independent developers are exploring gaps in the market and making a name for themselves. Because of that, the likes of Monster Squad and EXOK Games are worth keeping an eye on over the coming years.

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