How To Choose The Right Music For Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is hard. You have got so much to think about, such as how many people to cater for, what the venue is, and what you will wear. With the amount of prepping that you have to do, you might push music to the side assuming it will be an easy task. That is a huge mistake, though, as music sets the mood for the entire event. To make sure you get it right here is how to choose the music for your wedding.

Spend Time Listening to Potential Bands 

If you are going down the route of hiring a band, then it is important to spend some time listening to each potential one as a pair. After all, you are going to have to listen to them on the most important day of your life! has a long list of great potential performers for your wedding, so whether you want to rock out or sip champagne next to a classy jazz band, you can take your pick.

Discuss Genres 

One aspect of the music that you need to know early on is what genre you will choose. It becomes easier if you and your partner are huge music fans. If you bonded over rock music, for example, then it makes sense to go with a rock playlist/band. Once you know what genre you want to go for, you will have an easier time picking the songs.

Consider Your Theme 

When choosing your wedding music remember your wedding theme, as you want it to match if possible. If you are having an outdoor, fairytale-like wedding, you might opt for a folk band. If your wedding theme is centered around a particular TV or film, you might want to use the music that is used in that. By matching the music to the theme as much as possible, your wedding will feel more put-together.

Ask Guests for Recommendations 

Are you struggling to come up with a complete playlist? Do you want to please everyone? If so, consider asking your guests for recommendations. Of course, that does not mean you have to play everything people suggest, but it will indicate what will get people up and dancing. A good idea would be to ask for one song recommendation per person on each wedding invite.

Match the Music to the Hour 

Certain music works better for different times, so you must match the music to the hour. For example, you probably will not want the liveliest music to play earlier on in the day. When planning out your wedding itinerary, be sure to make a note of what kind of music would work well at each point.

Choose the Music that Defined Your Relationship 

An easy way to choose music is to shape your choices around your relationship. Do you both have a love of jazz? Was there a song that your partner always made you dance to? No matter how cheesy they are, make sure you include the songs that defined your relationship. 

Choosing the music for your wedding is a challenging process. You will be glad you spent time on it, though, as you will realize just how much of an impact the right music can make.

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