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Apple TV+’s “Monster Factory” Docu-Series Focuses on Upcoming Professional Wrestlers

Apple announced the new documentary series Monster Factory, set to premiere on Friday, March 17th on Apple TV+.

Directed by News & Documentary Award nominee Galen Summer and Naiti Gámez, and produced by Vox Media Studios and Public Record, Monster Factory is the story of misfit dreamers at a wrestling school on the outskirts of a gritty New Jersey factory town who, with the help of their tough yet loving coach, fight for their big break as professional wrestlers.

As seen in the trailer above, we are introduced to Danny Cage, owner and the charismatic coach of the Monster Factory. Danny, a former wrestler himself, needs to keep the veterans and the new recruits motivated if they want to survive the training, and the potential rejection that is to come in this business.

“When I opened The Monster Factory, I said to myself, ‘if I got one person to the WWE, I’ll be happy,'” Cage said as the trailer showcases aspiring pro wrestlers who go to train at the world-renowned wrestling school in southern New Jersey.

Cage’s method of training has earned him praise from former WWE commentator Kelly, who has said “Monster Factory takes seeds and grows crops in a setting that rivals the (WWE) Performance Center” and has seen students signed to WWE developmental deals and appear on WWE, AEW and Ring of Honor television.

The six-episode series chronicles the great efforts and sacrifices put in by hopefuls with big dreams of catching their break under the tutelage of coach Danny Cage.

Meet the Cast

Details have also been shared about the team of wrestlers’ viewers will meet in Monster Factory. Each of them have their own separate backgrounds and different stories about what led to them pursuing careers in pro wrestling, but what unites them all is a burning desire to succeed, no matter the cost. You can find out more about them by reading their descriptions below.

Mimi: The determined raven-haired veteran who has been a Monster Factory alum since high school. Despite her upper-middle-class upbringing, she has only dreamed of being a wrestler. She brings just as much determination as her male counterparts, but will that take her all the way?

Twitch: Wrestling saved his life…literally. When Twitch entered a dark time in his life, he found wrestling to be a safe space. As the only member of Monster Factory who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, he used what could be seen as a hindrance to his advantage. But will his inner demons get in the way of him making it to the next step?

Bobby Buffet: The quiet, unassuming New Jersey native is more than meets the eye. By day, he flips burgers at a local fast food restaurant, but when he walks into the Monster Factory, he is the insatiable Bobby Buffet. Can he find the inner discipline and leadership skills needed to drop the apron and get in the ring full-time?

Gabby Ortiz: Gabby, a Philadelphia native who has worked in the Mayor’s office, rose to fame fast in the wrestling scene but, because of a personal tragedy, was forced to step away. Now she is back, but can she let go of the past and embrace the wrestling world as it is today?

Goldy: The pretty boy. But what lies underneath this chiseled, bad-boy exterior is someone who has crippling social anxiety who is using wrestling as a way to control his panic attacks. In the ring, he becomes someone else, someone invincible. But will the pressure of being in the spotlight ultimately be too much?

The six-episode series is produced by Vox Media Studios and Public Record with Max Heckman, Jeremiah Zagar, Galen Summer, Chad Mumm, Mark W. Olsen and Jeremy Yaches serving as executive producers. Marina Stadler co-executive produced. All episodes are available to stream on Friday, March 17. 

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