Exclusive Clip – Saint X Episode 7 Sees Tension Between Clive and Edwin

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What happened to Alison? The mystery and the tension are growing in Hulu’s Saint X. The psychological drama, which is told via multiple timelines and perspectives that explores and upends the girl-gone-missing genre.

In the upcoming 7th episode “The Goat Witch and The Sinner,” Emily promises Josh she will seek help; Young Edwin has a secret; Alison tries to figure out the most exciting way to spend her last night of vacation.

As seen in this exclusive clip below (courtesy of ABC Signature), there is tension between Clive and Edwin as Clive questions Edwin’s work ethic. Clive is feeling further pressure with Sarah.

At first glance, Saint X appears to be a straightforward mystery drama about a young woman’s mysterious death during an idyllic Caribbean vacation creates a traumatic ripple effect that eventually pulls her surviving sister into a dangerous pursuit of the truth. However, as the episodes unfold there’s more to the mystery and the characters, that tackle racism, classism and turns the dead white girl troupe on its head.

Based on the novel of the same name by Alexis Schaitkin, Saint X follows Emily on a mission to learn what truly happened to her sister, Alison, who was found dead while on a trip in the Caribbean. Not only is there a lot of mystery surrounding Alison’s disappearance, but her baffling death, as well. Alison knows that if she doesn’t get to the bottom of things, Alison’s killer will soon take another victim.

Told via three timelines, one in the present, another where Alison’s body was found, and the third timeline is the arrest of the suspect. The cast includes Alycia Debnam-Carey, Josh Bonzie, West Duchovny, Jayden Elijah, Bre Francis, Kenlee Anaya Townsend, Betsy Brandt, and Michael Park.

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