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VEILED EXPERTS Final Beta Test Starts On March 30th

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Earlier this week, NEXON Games announced that their upcoming 5v5 tactical shooter titled VEILED EXPERTS will have a final beta test starting on Thursday, March 30th at 12 am PST and ending on Thursday, April 6th at 12 am PST. You can apply for the beta right here on their Steam page. An action-packed 4K trailer is embedded above while more details on the game and features are included below.

In VEILED EXPERTS, players jump into the boots, sneakers, and heels of a group of multinational agents engaged in a worldwide conflict between governments, corporations, and terrorists to take hold of an advanced microchip known as the Lepton System, a groundbreaking technology that threatens to throw off the world’s balance of power. With a combination of ten diverse agents, each with a unique blend of skills and Lepton abilities, teams must strategize and survive through an onslaught of opposing enemy forces. Multiple game modes offer varied combat scenarios and objectives, these include Bomb Defusal (3v3 or 5v5), Team Deathmatch, and Free for All.

Key VEILED EXPERTS features:

  • Distinct Bomb Defusal mode – This mode combines an authentic bomb defusal mission with a robust weapon/item shop and a shrinking magnetic field, creating a dynamically changing game map and different loadouts with each round, ensuring unique battles with each match
  • Fast-paced gameplay – Appropriate number of rounds and fast-paced gameplay shorter with well-balanced TTK (Time to Kill) resulting in faster rounds than other competitive shooters
  • Dynamic Action and gunplay – Various parkour actions, free movements and dynamic combat allow for greater mobility, and a wider range of combat scenarios and experimentation.
  • Charming and Unique Characters – Diverse and unique set of agents each with their own specialized abilities and Leptons, coupled with customizable elements and cosmetics to tailor to each play style
  • Strategic elements – Endless variety of strategies made with tactical items (drones, scan grenades) and destructible environments (breakable walls, exploding cars) allow for constantly changing battles

Are any of you planning on checking out the final beta for VEILED EXPERTS? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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