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Hulu’s The Other Black Girl Trailer Introduces a Sinister Workplace

Dana Abercrombie
You’ve waited your professional life for this moment, you finally got the job you’ve dreamed about, and life couldn’t get any sweeter. Until you realize...
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Dennis Haysbert And the Psychological Appeal of Hulu’s No Exit

Dana Abercrombie
Met Darby Thorne, a young woman who just wants to make it home to her family after receiving an urgent call. Enroute to her family,...
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Hulu Releases Teaser Trailer and Poster for The Psychological Thriller Deep Water

Dana Abercrombie
“There’s something wrong with me.” “There’s something wrong with me, too.” In recognition of all the twisted love out there, Hulu has released a teaser trailer...
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There Are No Plans for Marvel’s Upcoming TV Shows to Come to Hulu, Says Hulu President

Dana Abercrombie
During Hulu’s Television Critics Association presentation today, Craig Erwich, President, Hulu Originals & ABC Entertainment gave spoke about upcoming shows coming to the Hulu streaming...