New Uncharted Teased For Playstation 4

The next Uncharted game was teased during last nights PS4 launch show on Spike TV. Uncharted will be developed by original team Naughty Dog, but the trailer hints at the possibility of a completely new direction for the series. The voice throughout the trailer is different from the Nathan Drake (Nolan North) voice we’ve come to know in these games, and on top of that the tone seems to be more serious.

Uncharted map

Many are speculating on the possibility of this game either being a prequel focused on Francis Drake, or a completely new story all together. The fact that the name is now simply Uncharted with no tagline certainly adds fuel to the fire on all of these speculations.

What do you guys think? And could the map predominantly featured in the teaser hold more clues to what this game will be about?

Sony will no doubt remain tight lipped until they are ready to unveil more, but so far we know that Uncharted will arrive on the PS4 next Fall. Just one more reason to buy the Playstation 4 which launched in North America today.

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