Mortal Kombat Team Looking For A New Home

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Midway is already in its casket, and its really just a matter of time before they go six feet under but Mortal Kombat team doesn’t and shouldn’t go with them. For that reason, the MK team is looking for a new home at other publisher hoping they get their own studio. Sadly, they most likely wont be taking Mortal Kombat with them, seeing as how Midway has a grip on that. I’m a pretty huge MK fan and honestly, I think this is the end of the road for the series. If the MK team does get their own studio, they’ll have to create something new, remember the last time someone from MK tried to make a new fighting series (Tao Feng anyone.) And if the MK team does find a new home then some new people will be behind the MK series. At the end of the day hopefully everything turns out for the best….Economy, FINISH HIM!


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