Top Five Greatest Video Game Soundtracks

Music in gaming had been unappreciated in the early years of the industry. With the rise in innovation and gameplay in video games came the rise in the music as well. I consider video game music an art in itself. When I get tired of listening to the repetitiveness of other genres of music, I often find myself visiting websites like ocremix.org and gh.ffshrine.org and listening to video game music for hours upon end. My secret love for video game music has cause me to come up with my list of top 5 greatest video game soundtracks of all time. I have thought long and hard about this list. There are so many deserving game compilations deserving to be on the list, but in the end I had to pick 5. Its almost 100% guaranteed that the masses won’t agree with me, so please note that this is a personal list. I invite you to post your favorites as well so we can argue about why mine is better.

5. Final Fantasy 10

Its hard to think of Final Fantasy without thinking about the great music associated with each game. I could easily put up to three Final Fantasy games in a top 10 music list, but I’ve decided to go with FFX as my number five greatest video game soundtrack. I give this game credit as the reason I have developed an appreciation for symphonies, orchestra music, etc. The instrumental usage in this game music is A+. They say that music is just what emotions sound like and no game soundtrack gets that point across to me quite like Final Fantasy 10.

4. Metal Gear Solid 4

Music in Metal Gear Solid has always delivered and Metal Gear Solid 4 was no exception. The first time I popped in Metal Gear Solid 4 and heard Old Snake’s theme playing my heart filled with emotions instantly. The score in this game is so elegantly designed. Every action sequence, every dramatic scene, every epic boss fight had the music to increase the experience of game. My hats goes off to all composers and artist involved with the creation of MGS4’s music. I still enjoy listening to the game’s soundtrack to this day.

3. Super Mario Brothers

I don’t have to explain this one too much. Mario may not have the most dynamically composed soundtrack, but it does have the most recognizable. Any one who has any rights to call themselves a gamer should be able to beat box the Mario theme on command. The music from Super Mario Bros is so catchy. If there was a gamers national anthem Mario’s theme music would be it. I find myself humming the theme right now as I finish the rest of this list.

2. Grand Theft Auto 3

Stretch Armstrong is now in your world… That line is forever embed into my mind. From Lazlow to Lord Sear, the collection of original music content implement into GTA’s radio stations was genius. The music made the experience of GTA3 that much better. Getting out of the car became one of the worst things in the game because the music would stop playing when I did. When I was fourteen I use to spend time fantasizing about having a car, bumping GTA3’s Soundtrack in the mall parking lot. I haven’t felt like that about any other collection of game music. That reason alone is enough for it to have a top spot on my list.

1. Shadow of Colossus

Some of you might be ready to throw a chair at me because of my other picks and this one might not help, but Shadow of Colossus is my number one video game soundtrack of all time. Anyone who played through this game might know where I’m coming. I want music from this game played at my funeral. The music is simply extraordinary. For every thought, emotion, and desire you have while playing this game the music is there to magnify the experience times 10. They’re are  a few instruments in this game’s soundtrack that I couldn’t tell you the name of, but it still sounds great. I feel like no game and soundtrack has ever been blended together quite like Shadow of Colossus. This game soundtrack should receive a Grammy or something. It would get my vote.