Why I Don’t Play World of Warcraft

In case you didn’t know, World of Warcraft celebrated its fifth year in existence Monday. For this occasion Kotaku.com has put out two articles entitled “Why I Play World of Worldcraft” and “Why I Don’t Play World of Worldcraft”. I fall in the category of people who don’t. The homies over at Kotaku.com gave me the honor of having a voice in that part of the article (shoutout to Owen Good). You can find my excerpt for the article below. Be sure to read both articles over at Kotaku as well.

Fergus Mills, Senior Editor, The Koalition

Many people have tried to get me to play World of Warcraft, but it never appealed to me. Playing a game like WoW consumes so much time and all WoW players that I know play for hours on end everyday. There isn’t enough time for me to have a social life, go to college, get enough sleep, and play WoW the way they seem to. I have nothing bad to say about WoW players in general. Now that I am older I realize that people are just passionate about things that increase their quality of life. I just don’t see why WoW is worth my time, so I stay away from it. It seems like just another game to me.

Overall, I think World of Warcraft has an extremely niche audience. I might be wrong, but WoW seems to take a certain amount of time and resolve to really get into it. It’s not a game that you turn on and start to have fun right away with. My roommate DeJarvis Oliver says that he never got into WoW because it takes too long to build a character, level him up, and enjoy the action. I never got into it because of its monthly subscription. I have an internet bill, Netflix, Gamefly, and a cell phone bill to pay to name a few things. World of Warcraft does not have priority over any of that. I can cop a few console games and have satisfied experiences without any additional cost (besides XBL hitting my wallet up once a year). I realize that some of this additional cost is perceived and justified to some aspect, but I like variety in my games. Playing one game for too long is not my style. I don’t think World of Warcraft has done a good job in letting people know why this is the game that they should playing. The commercial with Ozzy Osbourne is cool and all, but c’mon. Ozzy isn’t going to convince me to play this game. He looks like he doesn’t play it himself.

source: kotaku.com