7 Eleven About To Sell Used Games

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What the industry now refers to as second hand game sales, we all know them as used games. Keep in mind that most 7 Elevens, especially the ones by me are open 24/7. I’m not sure if I ever had a late night gaming urge, but I will find a reason to have one now.

The hook is “Great Games Under $20.” And they will start the campaign in half of it’s locations across the US. How are they able to pull this off? They teamed up with a company called Game Trading Technologies. They specialize in selling value priced games and is looking to be available in more stores soon, not just this one franchise. It will have its own shelf display, most likely similar to the small DVD displays you see at Wal Mart. And will be restocked when games run out.

Will you be willing to buy cheap used games from 7 Eleven?

Spotted @ GI.biz

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