BREAKING: Nintendo 3DS Price, Release Date & System Details!

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Just a few minutes ago Nintendo finally revealed the Japanese price and release date for their upcoming handheld, putting an end to months of rumors and speculation. Nintendo made the announcement during a press event in Tokyo and without further ado here are all the glorious details…

The 3DS will officially go on sale in Japan on February 26 for ¥25,000 ($300). Europe and North America will get the the system a few weeks (or possibly days) later in March but unfortunately no price or exact release date or price was given.

During their event, Nintendo also revealed several system and software details which you can find below…

System Updates

  • The 3DS will ship with a choice of two colors, Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black
  • Virtual console is coming to the 3DS! Relive the magic of the Gameboy, GBA and other classic titles in 3D!
  • The 3DS will ship with a 2GB SD card, not too shabby…
  • Multi-tasking allows you to seamlessly switch from a game to a 3DS app, and vice-versa.
  • The 3DS will have Mii Support which utilizes the camera to take photos of your face.
  • Mii’s can be posted on websites and shared online.
  • The 3DS can send and receive data regardless of which game is currently in the system, this is know as Tag Mode.
  • The system has a light near the right shoulder button which indicates when your system has passed another 3DS and/or has received information.
  • Wireless Communication is still possible when the system is in Sleep Mode.
  • The system contains software which allows you to merge two photos together.

Software Updates:

  • Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3DS will become full games, not just tech demos.
  • Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D is also being developed
  • Street Fighter IV will have online support for Wifi matches.
  • Konami are developing a creepy game called LovePlus which utilizes Tag Mode

The 3DS wasn’t the only thing on the cards for Nintendo, tonight they also made the following announcements concerning the Wii and DS…

  • Wii Remote Plus will be coming soon, It is essentially a Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus built in
  • A Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary edition of the DSi XL will be released in Japan for  ¥18000 on October 28
  • Pokemon Black/White has already sold over 2.5 million copies
  • Mistwalkers’ The Last Story will be released in Japan on January 27th

And that was all for the night. For more details on the 3DS be sure to check out our handy guide here, and stay tuned to The Koalition for more 3DS coverage in the future.

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