Dragon Age II: No Origin Options For Hawke

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One of the things that made Dragon Age: Origins so great was the amount of choice you had when building your character. Depending on which race and class you chose, you would see different plot options, which kept you wanting to find out more. In Dragon Age II however, Bioware has chosen to go the Mass Effect route, making Hawke a fully voice acted character, and a Human by default. Meaning there will be no naming your character, and no choosing their race to define their origin. Of course you will still be able to choose Hawke’s class as well as be in full control of his dialog, but it’s clear that Dragon Age is no longer about different Origins. Dragon Age II will tell a very specific story that you will be able to slightly craft based on your own choices.

Is this a good or bad thing? You guys let us know, leave your thoughts.

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