Just Cause 2 DLC Coming April 7th

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Microsoft released an email recently that revealed that Just Cause 2 would be getting some DLC on April 7th, which is the upcoming Wednesday. This is some great Easter news for me and others, who have been nothing short of addicted to the game. Just Cause 2 is just over a week old, and already we have some DLC to look forward to. It is unknown what the DLC will contain, but we have reason to believe that Avalanche have tons of new interesting items to add on to the game. It is rumored that the upcoming DLC pack will contain some kind of Ice Cream truck. Yes I know it sounds weird, but I am very interested to see what Avalanche have to add on to this already fantastic experience. Just Cause 2 is heavily slept on, so I urge you all to at least give it a go once (the demo does it no justice).

Somethingawful forums have more information in what could be contained in future DLC additions, so check it out.

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