Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Impressions

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Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer just got bigger thanks to the Stimulus Package, which contains five multiplayer maps. I’m sure you’re bored of the maps on disc so listen up because I’m about to let you know if they’re worth it. Fifteen dollars is alot of money to be spending on a map pack, but as gamers you know we’re willing to pay anything as long as the product is worth it. To be frank and to the point, the Stimulus Package is worth it…sorta. If you play Modern Warfare 2 still to this day, I say go ahead and just buy them. If you don’t play Modern Warfare 2 anymore, then don’t. And if you’re just unsure, then read below.

New Maps
The Stimulus Package introduces three new maps to wreck mayhem in. Bailout is one of the best maps included in the map pack. The map takes place in apartment complex which was destroyed during the war at home. The multi-level buildings makes it a pretty spacious map with more than enough places to wage war against each other, it also has a jacuzzi if you feel like taking a dip. The other two maps are Salvage, which is a wrecking yard with a dog house, and Storm, an industrial park that doesn’t even look like a park. Both maps are a good addition to the game but didn’t stand out much to me. But I believe that’s due to the playlist and just being new to the maps. Overall, the three new maps are all great additions to the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer experience.

Returning Classics
Along with the three brand new maps Activision have included two classic’s from the days of Modern Warfare. Those classics are Crash and Overgrown and to be honest they are pretty much unchanged from the original Modern Warfare maps.

Crappy Playlist
The only reason you should stop and think about really buying this map pack is due to the playlist. The five maps are only available under a Mosh Pit and Hardcore Mosh Pit playlist, meaning you’ll be playing all sorts of gametypes and only on those five maps. A playlist with only five maps in the cycle is just poor, you’ll only make us tired of the maps we just purchased. And having to play them in game types that I particularly don’t care for is just as bad. Can I just get a simple deathmatch playlist instead. On the upside, you’ll get double XP for playing these playlist for the time being.

Hopefully that helped you take the plunge or not. The Stimulus Package is now live on Xbox Live for 1200 Microsoft points, and will be arriving on PSN and PC on April 29th.

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