The First Witcher Still Being Considered For Consoles

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CD Projekt has revealed that the scrapped console version may still be a possibility, in the wake of the announcement for The Witcher 2. Speaking with VG247, senior producer Tomak Gop said the following.

“It definitely is considered. No particular plans though,”

“The project is frozen – lies on a shelf awaiting the right moment. The only thing I could state for sure is that we’d love to pick this project up again.”

The second game has already been announced for PC and both consoles, however if the first one doesn’t make it’s way to the consoles it may seem kind of pointless. Players will need that introduction into the world of The Witcher to benefit the most when playing the sequel. The Witcher is a magnificent western RPG, and has won tons of awards over the years. For those unfamiliar with the title, it could be compared best to Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series.

Check out the full interview with Tomek Gop here. Thanks VG247.

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