Rockband 3 Will Shape The Future

This post is based off my preview of the game at E3 and my strong view on where the music genre is headed. I’m not the biggest Rockband fan in the world, my colleagues can attest to that. Yet I feel like what I saw in Rockband 3 was the future of gaming. What other way can you have someone who knows completely nothing about playing the keys walk away weeks later almost playing Bohemian Rhapsody by heart? Don’t get me twisted here, without these new “Pro” features Rockband 3 would just be another Rockband.

The keyboard features were amazing. The flexibility of the game has went beyond what I thought was even possible. I’m pretty sure most of you have been on the internet reading all about these new Rockband toys but just in case you been under a rock. I got you covered.

This set of keys above is the official peripheral for Rockband 3. But your not limited to using just these keys you can use your own MIDI keyboard at home instead. And if you don’t have a keyboard you can always unplug the Rockand 3 one and use it as a MIDI controller as well. That’s just how flexible this system is. You can play the game just like any Rockband game with 4 color coded keys. But, if you do that you will be cheating yourself. Using a mode called “Pro Keys” you can actually develop real skills.

Learning chords will never be this easy again. I don’t even remember seeing music notes. We were told tons and tons of in game tutorials will hold your hand through the process. If you are a hip hop producer who samples heavy, this is your key to expanding your skills and learning a easy way to play keys. What better way to learn music than playing music. You play what the pros play, you will have their music theory in your head, not some old fart in a classroom.

The same can almost be said for the guitar. But, I have to admit this one may be more advanced and somewhat intimidating. But hip hop producers you may still need to advance your skills on this instrument as well. Just like the keys this can be unplugged and used as a separate instrument as well. It can also be played in a simple few string mode for those who want to hold a real guitar but play fake melodies out. But the Pro mode takes this to a whole new level.

During our demo a developer working on the game showcased his guitar skills playing along to a track in expert mode. I wasn’t to keen on the technology behind the guitar but the accuracy of the game tracking each string pulled at the right note, octave, and pitch was amazing. I know this can be to much for some who don’t understand music terminology but in simple terms: That guitar is revolutionary.

So how will this shape the future? Because it allows anyone to pick up this game and learn how to play music. In a easy and fun way. I plan on buying this game to learn how to play keys alone. Think of the many people who share the same mind state. Harmonix has created a new customer. The student. Game based learning is becoming more relevant. And classrooms are becoming obsolete.