Take 2 Chairman Says “Make Better Games, Stop Punishing Used Game Buyers”

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Take 2 Chairman and soon to be CEO Strauss Zelnick has let it be known he is not a big fan of this new strategy certain companies are using towards used game buyers.Wwhere you will need to pay 10 dollar code to play online if you buy a used copy of a game. EA,THQ are two of the main ones who have started to roll this out this generation and many others are following their footsteps.

The Take 2 CEO speaking in the markets conference in the New York says stated that strategy wasn’t right.

“You don’t want to use a stick punishing users for buying used; you want to give them a reason to buy new,” he said. “You want to create something that’s of benefit to consumers.”

“By letting consumers know there’s more stuff to come, it stands to reason they’d hang on to their titles,”

This man has a point but also a huge wave to counter, because it isn’t just gamestop on that used games market, come 2011 big stores like
Best Buy, Toys R Us and Target are going in to increase their bottom line, let me know what you think about this situation.


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