The Best Games Of 2011: Ghost Trick

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Ghost Trick

Full Title: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Release Window: January 2011

With the Nintendo 3DS just a few months away it’s great to see ‘must have’ games still being released for the regular DS. Last month we had the amazing 999 and next month will see the release of Capcom’s Ghost Trick! Developed by the team behind the Ace Attorney games, Ghost Trick is another point and click style adventure game which places you in the role of Sissel, a recently deceased detective. Being dead isn’t enough to stop Sissel though, throughout the game you’ll be working on solving your own murder as well as working to save the lives of others. As a spirit Sissel soon discovers that he manipulate objects and it’s not long before he’s using his newfound powers to save innocent people from danger. It all sounds very complicated I know, but Capcom has chosen the perfect team for the job and I’m confident that they will once again produce and excellently written gem. If you’re still on the fence you can check out the free flash demo for the game here, or alternatively just check out the trailer and gameplay footage below…


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